Carestream Imaging

In an effort to improve our dental practice and provide even better care for our patients, we have invested in the CS 8100 3D system from Carestream Dental. This powerful imaging system combines speed, image quality and precision placement to dramatically reduce the need to rescan a patient. This high speed and accuracy results in faster, more comfortable scans, better diagnosing capabilities and easy-to-understand treatment plans.

The system captures images very quickly, allowing our patients to experience a fast, smooth scanning process. In addition, the system’s open design allows patients to either sit or stand during the x-ray, accommodating people of all sizes and physical abilities. Because they are more comfortable during the x-ray, patients are less likely to move and cause blurring, which can create the need to rescan.

With shorter exposure times, we reduce patient dose and the risk of motion blur. Plus, the system gives us the option to choose from two scanning modes: a high-resolution mode for the highest image quality and a fast scan mode for exposure time that is more than twice as fast. The CS 8100 3D system also allows us to target the exact area for exposure, which means that other tissues around the mouth will not be unnecessarily irradiated—which is another way the system limits the patient’s radiation exposure.

The images produced by the CS 8100 3D are highly detailed and contrasted, thanks to the high-frequency generator and the latest generation of CMOS sensor and image processing. A greater number of image formats result in consistently clear images, including lateral, oblique, frontal, submento-vertex, and carpus.

All of these features and functions result in better information, safer scans and more informed diagnoses.

We feel that this new imaging system helps us significantly enhance what matters to us most: patient care.